Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

Chairman's Biography

Born in Yüksekova, Hakkari in 1975, Salih Özdemir graduated from a business college and has four children. He has been actively working in commerce since the age of 14. After his role as the Occupational Committee President of Yüksekova Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2005, he took over the office of Assembly Vice President of Yüksekova Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2009. He has been acting as the Chairman of the Board since 2013.

Chairman's Message

I would like to thank firstly esteemed people of Yüksekova and Şemdinli, and my valued colleagues for my election as the Chairman of the Board of Yüksekova Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  
At the end of a race, I aim to fulfill the actions to be taken during the forthcoming period in transparent lines, with the excitement and joy of taking over the flag. Furthermore, with the positive effects of the said process on the region being seen, I have taken it upon myself to show the outer world all together the beauties that came to light. 
Whatever is needed on this path shall be done. For this reason, I believe with all my heart that everyone will do their best in unity and solidarity. I have no doubt about that. What’s important is to leave beautiful things behind and conduce to nice things. 
Every member, whether they voted or not, has the same right and respect in our eyes. Democracy does not support only one thought, but every opinion with a pluralistic, multicolored, and different viewpoints. For this reason, as much as I have taken over this duty on behalf of the people of Yüksekova and Şemdinli, I have full confidence that we shall enrich our city and region by joining 
together. I pay my respects, for the sake of always encountering and welcoming beautiful things.
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